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A New Tradition August 3, 2006

Posted by reddlissa in Family Affairs.

Since the death of my grandfather and my return from Scotland a few weeks after that, my daughter and I seem to have stumbled upon a new tradition — at least one night during the week we go to my aunt’s house for dinner with the family.  We always visit during the weekend (my daughter usually spends 85% of her weekend there) but for some reason we never go over during the week.  Most people wouldn’t see that as all that strange but my grandmother, aunt, and mom all live in the same house, which happens to be a 45-second car ride from my house so it’s almost odd that I don’t see them more frequently. 

At first the dinners were an “excuse” to keep my grandmother company and also gave me something to do on the nights that my boyfriend had band rehearsal.  Now I look forward to going simply because it gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family.  Since PawPaw passed away, I realize that I don’t spend enough quality time with my grandmother and I’m determined to remedy that.  If my aunt will have us, I plan on making these weekly dinners a permanent part of our weekly activities.



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