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Am I Too Old For This? August 9, 2006

Posted by reddlissa in Uncategorized.

This is the question I asked myself several dozen times Sunday while at the Family Values Tour.  (All day concert including such acts as StoneSour, 10 Years, Deftones and Korn.)  I love to people-watch and I sometimes think the interesting “sights” are more fun than the musical acts themselves.  The crowd did not let me down this time.  I saw people of every size, shape, color, age, and background and dress.  Good grief some of things the girls were wearing!!  Skirts that didn’t fully cover butts, leather bras that let everything fall out, sheer shirts that left nothing to the imagination , and corsets that were so tight I questioned the wearer’s ability to breathe.  At first my comments tended to run along the lines of “What a cute outfit!” or “If only I had the body to pull that off” but as the day progressed they turned to “I can’t believe her parents let her leave the house looking like that!” and “Does she have no respect for herself?”  Yikes!  I think that’s my age showing.

I won’t even start with the music.  Let’s just say there were many times I found myself wishing for earplugs and wondering what type of long-term affect this experience might have on my hearing.  Not the thoughts of a YOUNG woman 😦        

All in all the day was tremendous fun, the bands were great (especially Korn!!) and I already have plans to attend a similar concert in September.  I just hope my “old” ears and attitudes can survive 🙂  


1. Meredith - August 9, 2006

Take some earplugs next time. You can get them at Walgreens. We used them at Metallica, and it was great. You can still hear all the music, but you don’t go home with that irritating ringing in your ears.

Embrace getting old! 😀

2. reddlissa - August 9, 2006

Good idea! We are going to see Tool in September and I think I’ll bring a pair for that show. As for embracing getting old – I’ve got to warm up to that idea Only been 30 for 5 months you know!

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