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Too Close to Home October 3, 2006

Posted by reddlissa in Rants/ Raves.

NICKEL MINES, Pa. – A milk-truck driver carrying three guns, 600 rounds of ammo and some kind of grudge stormed a one-room Amish schoolhouse Monday, sent the boys and adults outside, barricaded the doors with two-by-fours, and then opened fire on 11 girls when police didn’t retreat, killing three of them before committing suicide.

It was the nation’s third deadly school shooting in less than a week, and it sent shock waves through Lancaster County’s bucolic Amish country, a picturesque landscape of horse-drawn buggies, green pastures and neat-as-a-pin farms, where violent crime is virtually nonexistent.  Read more here

What is the world coming to?  A deadly school shooting in Amish country of all places!!  I realize that by now I should know that violence can and will happen anywhere and any time but there are just some places that, based on the inherent goodness associated with them, should be safe.  When I saw this story on the NBC evening news and the images of frightened children dressed in the typical black and navy woolen Amish clothing was heart-wrenching.  I always associate the Amish with innocence and goodness…this incident was anything but!

This horrible shooting hit close to home. For those living in the Houston area, you may have noticed my high school on the news last week.  A loaded handgun was found on campus last Tuesday.  A observant teacher noticed a blanket behind the bleachers in one of the school’s gym and decided to investigate.  She found a loaded 25 caliber gun wrapped in the blanket.  The district police and other local law enforcement worked with school administration, and the students were identified and expelled from school for a full year.  Scuttle-butt around campus is that an angry female student had plans to lure a rival into a school restroom and then shoot her.  According to the story, her boyfriend heard of her plan and took the gun from her; he was the student who hid the gun in the gym.  It was so easy to breath a sigh of relief last week and shrug of the incident as no big deal.  After hearing of this shooting, I was found myself offering up a quick prayer that nothing of this magnitude occurred in the place where I feel so safe.


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