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I Hate the Cardinals!! October 20, 2006

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The St. Louis Cardinals are without a doubt my most hated baseball team.  For the past 5 years, the Cards have been the bane of the Astros’ existence — basically the only reason I hate them.  My family and I have awful nicknames for most of the players  (Albert “Poop-hole” Pujols, Yadier “Plastic Face” Molina, David “the Dick” Eskstein, etc.) and any time I see this team live, I boo the batters incessantly and without mercy.  The sad thing is these guys are great baseball players and under other circumstances I might enjoy watching them play. 

I may hate the Cards but I LOVE  St. Louis.  I visited the city in March of 1999 in order to attend a national Sigma Tau Delta conference.  This was my first “big” trip without my family and I was free to roam the city according to my own desires.  I traveled with 2 other girls from McNeese and I was the oldest, therefore I became the unofficial leader of the little group.  We were 3 small town  girls wondering the big city streets.  We hopped on and off the Metro like old pros, visited the Impressionist exhibit at the art museum (almost got busted taking a picture of Monet’s Water Lillies), make a quick tour of the zoo, laughed like crazy when Mark McGuire rode by on the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and made the trip to the top of the Gateway Arch.  It was the most amazing trip of my life because it sparked a love for travel that as since taken me to Maui, Cancun, San Diego, and Scotland. 

Oh yeah…go Mets!!!   


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