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Stranded November 21, 2006

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A quick post based on a journal I assigned to my writing students a few weeks ago:

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island for 10 years (no means of leaving) what would you bring with you?  Pick one book, one CD, one movie, one clothing item, one food item, and one miscellaneous item.

Book: The Holy Bible — lots of reading material that can be re-read many times.  If there’s one book can that provide encouragement, hope, and wisdom this would be it.  Some of the books are also very familiar to me, which may provide comfort in a strange situation.   

CD: The Forrest Gump soundtrack — This album has lots of song variety and I have many great memories attached to it.

Movie: The Sound of Music — what is there to say about it?  Great movie, very uplifting, more songs to sing, and would definitely give me hope

Clothing item:my Burberry stole from Scotland.  It can provide warmth, be used as something to lie on, provide shelter from the burning sun…and remind me of my fabulous trip to Scotland 🙂

Food item: hmmm..this one is tough.  I’m thinking perhaps an apple or orange, something that can be planted and provide a longer lasting food source.  Of course I know nothing about caring for a plant of this type so I would probably kill it before it produced any viable fruit anyway.  Maybe I’d better bring a jumbo-sized box of Wheat Thins!

Miscellaneous item: a LARGE journal (at least 500 pages) with a picture of my family taped to the inside cover.  I’d need something to write in in order to help keep me sane and something to help me remember all the wonderful people waiting for my return.  



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