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Getting Out of the House – Isla Dewar November 28, 2006

Posted by reddlissa in Literary Journal.

Nora was devastated when her mother, Maisie, told her she preferred her older daughter, Cathryn.  Heartbroken but not altogether surprised.  After all, Cathryn was clever, good-looking, just about perfect, really.  Nora was awkward, and prone to daydreaming and telling fins.  Who wouldn’t prefer Cathryn, Nora thought?

But now, living in Edinburgh, removed from her childhood home and her volatile mother, Nora is happy.  She has a lover she adores, a close circle of friends with whom she can banter and joke, and a job that befits a dreamer and a fibber.  Life is beautiful.  But when Maisie’s world unexpectedly falls apart, she and Cathryn think it is obvious Nora be the one to pick up the pieces.  Nora doesn’t think it obvious at all.

Escaping her family was Nora’s first step to self-fulfilment.  But when she has to deal with betrayal and the surprising consequences of a love affair, she finds, at last, a way to forgive and even learn to love the people she left behind.                             (From the back cover) 

 This is one of the many novels I picked up while in Scotland.  An easy read about a out-of the box daughter trying to break away from her overbearing and slightly insane mother.  A few parts were predictable but there were also a couple of surprises.  The dialogue between Nora and her friends is witty, and I loved trying to follow the convoluted trains of thought of both Nora and Brendan.    I especially enjoyed the references to parts of Edinburgh I had visited.  I recommend this novel to anyone in the mood for a family drama that’s relativley light-hearted and quick to read.    



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