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WANTED: Adults Who Do Their Jobs January 18, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Rants/ Raves.

Nine-year-old, a repeat car thief, sneaks on board plane
LAKEWOOD, Wash. How did a nine-year-old boy sneak onto a plane for Texas? Southwest Airlines says it’s looking into it.Police in Lakewood, Washington, say the boy (Semaj Booker) has a history of stealing cars and running away from home. He was apparently trying to get to Dallas, where his grandfather lives, and where the boy himself used to live. But he came up short yesterday, only getting as far as San Antonio after hopping two separate flights.  [read rest of article]

I have 2 comments on this one:

      1.  How in the hell did this kid make it past security and then get onboard 2 different planes?  My daughter flies Southwest all the time and we have to jump through hoops to get her on a plane.  I have to fill out a special 4-part form with all her personal and contact information at the check-in counter.  Then I’m issued a special escort pass and she has a special boarding pass.  We both get checked at the security gate and then her paperwork is checked again by the gate agent before she is allowed on the plane.  I am totally astounded that a 9-year0old child could sneak through this process twice!  To say that someone dropped the ball is a huge understatement.  I’m actually a little nervous about having my daughter fly again.

      2.  What kind of parents does this kid have?  He has a history of stealing cars and he’s only 9 years old!!  How on earth does a 4th grader get out of the house unsupervised long enough to steal a car?  Why would a 4th grader want to steal a car?  What parent doesn’t take drastic action to get a child help after the first criminal incident?!  Part of me thinks these parents need to lose their rights to raise this kid (if only he would have a better chance with CPS).  If he’s stealing cars and hopping free rides on airplanes at the age of 9 god only knows what he’ll be doing when he hits the teen years.



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