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Eager But Wary February 13, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Uncategorized.

My boyfriend and I are headed to Dallas for a 2 day mini-vacation.  The main focus of our trip is the Red Wings and Stars game Wednesday night, but we also plan to do a little site-seeing and enjoy a little rest and relaxation.  Obviously I am incredibly excited to finally have the opportunity to see the Red Wings play up close and in person.  I’ve got my fingers (and toes)  crossed that if we make it to the arena early enough we may catch a glimpse of some of the players as they head into the game.  If the gods are smiling down on me I may see Pavel Datsyuk (my boyfriend) in the flesh! 

The only downside (and it is a small one) is the fact that the Wings’ goaltending is a bit weak right now.  Hasek is out with an inflamed wrist and Osgood is out with a broken finger.  This leaves Joey MacDonald as net minder.  He has only played 8 games in the NHL and is still every bit a rookie.  Don’t get me wrong, he makes some amazing saves but he just doesn’t have the maturity and moves of a seasoned player.  He as only won 1 game (lost to Philadelphia 6-1 Monday night) and the Stars are a really good team.  I fully anticipate that the Red Wings will lose tomorrow night, which is going to be a disappointment. 

Regardless of the game’s outcome, I am confident that we will have a blast at the game and I fully intend to wear my Datsyuk jersey and yell as loud as I can for my boys!  🙂


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