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Hi-Def Hockey March 5, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Hockey, Rants/ Raves.

As you know, my boyfriend AverageJoe recently went out and bought a 50″ plasma TV.  Although I was not too keen on the idea at first, I have come to enjoy watching TV on this monster addition to the living room.  He also bought a new high definition (HD) DVR which we haven’t been able to use yet because DirecTV is taking forever to come out to the house and install the new satellite dish.  After 2 weeks with the new TV, Joe purchased a HD antenna that allows us to watch a select few programs on a few local stations.  To date we have mostly watched the evening news and a few other CBS shows using the antenna…until Sunday.

The Red Wings and Avalanche played an afternoon game Sunday and NBC broadcast the game in high definition.  AWESOME!!!  The picture was so incrediably sharp and clear that for a brief moment I forgot I was watching TV.  I swear it seemed as though the guys weren’t on the ice in Detroit but instead had somehow been shrunk and were playing inside a box in my living room.  Now that we’ve been bitten by the HD hockey bug it will seem so dull and flat to watch a game on “regular”TV.  The good news is that once the new satellite dish is installed, we should be able to catch at least one HD game a week thanks to the CenterIce package.     


1. Lynda West - March 9, 2007

Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

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