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It’s Finally Here! March 9, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Uncategorized.

Thank the good Lord, Spring Break is finally here!!!  I think the hands on the clock were actually moving backwards during class today.  Every teacher knows that the  kids are so eager to get out of school that there is little point in teaching the day before a big holiday (winter break, spring break, summer vacation).  My kids were not nearly as wild as I thought they would be; some of them even did the assignment I asked them to do.  For my part, I graded a few papers and then cleaned out my Outlook inbox.  Teachers are just as eager to leave as the kids 🙂

One thing I managed to accomplish today was making a list of all the thigns I”d like to accomplish over the break.  Here it is:

  • Clean and organize my closet
  • Clean and organize my daughter’s closet
  • Organize the office and catch up on filing old paperwork
  • Clean out and reorganize pantry
  • Wash my car (inside and out)
  • Update my budget
  • Play enough Warcraft to raise my 3 main characters at least 5 levels

Chances are I’ll mange to get 2 or 3 of the first 6 things done because I’ll spend most of my time focusing on the last! 


1. Meredith - March 11, 2007

I know how you’ll be spending your spring break! I just leveled my Paladin up to 15. 😀

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