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Dumpster Diving? March 13, 2007

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I am a complete idiot.  Earlier this evening, I grabbed a handful of trash as I left my car and tossed everything into the outside Waste Management garbage can.  A couple hours later I needed to make a phone call and started looking for my cell phone.  I remembered using it in the car so I checked there first — no luck.  I looked around the kitchen (where I usually keep it) but didn’t see it anywhere.  I sent my daughter to look in the car again; I called the phone hoping she would hear it ring and be able to find it.  She didn’t hear or see it anywhere.  Then I had her look throughout the house as I continued to call the phone.  Again no luck.  Knowing how well a 9 year old looks for things, I went out to search the car and still I couldn’t find the damn thing.  Suddenly I remembered the handful of trash that I threw away…Sure enough when I called my cell phone again, I heard it ringing from the trash can!!  Average Joe was kind enough to hold the flashlight as I removed each bag of trash and then dug through the various odds and ends with a garden rake.  We eventually managed to retrieve the phone — covered it a soupy layer of cat litter, grass clippings, and who knows what else 😦  I wiped the phone off with a wet paper towel then wiped it off with a Lysol-soaked paper towel.  Just to be safe, I thinkI’ll use the Bluetooth earpiece to make that call! 



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