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Starting to Plan My Summer Vacation March 14, 2007

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It’s official…I’m going back to Hawaii!  My aunt called today and confirmed the dates and the place.  She and I went to Maui in 2003 and this year we’ll spend 4 days in Kauai, the northernmost of the Hawaiian islands.  As a regional sales manager for a national food service company, she is often “rewarded” with various trips across the U.S. and Caribbean.  (I think she earns the trips based on the amount of product she sells but I’m not 100% sure how the whole deal works.)  Each trip is an expense-paid affair with the only requirement being that she attend a few dinners with other clients also on the trip.  She is allowed to bring one guest on the trip; she rotates among my mom, my 2 aunts, my cousin and me. 

I am absolutley thrilled about this trip.  I have done a bit of research about Kauai and it looks to be an amazingly wonderful and beautiful island.  The great thing about the trip is that all our mornings and afternoons are free  for us to do whatever we want.  We aren’t sure exactly where we are staying so I haven’t started any serious planning yet.  As soon as I know where our hotel is I’ll plan some of our afternoon outings.  I’m leaning towards a helicopter tour and perhaps some sailing.  If this trip is anything like out trip to Maui, it will be awesome 🙂

Wailua Falls



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