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Score Two for the Backyard March 17, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Family Affairs.

Today was NOT a good day for doing yard work.  Average Joe and I decided to tackle the backyard early this morning; we tamed the front last weekend.  We haven’t done any type of work in the yard since October so we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us.  My daughter and her friend had cleared the yard of fallen branches earlier in the week so we felt we were ready to start.  Joe began mowing the grass and I worked on clearing the patio of leaves and other debris.  When it became clear that the blade was set too low for the thick grass, Joe stopped to raise it.  As he reached down to change the blade setting, his fingers brushed against the muffler and he severely burnt two of the fingers on his left hand.  Score 1 for the backyard.

After a quick trip to Walgreen’s for a tube of burn relief gel, I decided to finish mowing the backyard.  There was only a small square left to be mowed and I figured I would make quick work of it.  The bag kept getting clogged because the grass was still too wet but I was determined to finish.  As I was rolling over the last swatch of unmown grass I heard and felt a loud clang! and the mower suddenly stopped.  I looked back at the patch of grass I had just passed over and saw that the heavy patch of clover had hidden a large tree root.  Fearing the worse, I raised the mower and my fears were confirmed — the blade was bent at a 90° angle.  Score 2 for the backyard.

I guess today was just not a good day for yard work at the Loony house.




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