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Will They Ever Go Away? March 28, 2007

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Former students…will they ever go away?  These kids have graduated from high school and I remember how eager they were to get the hell out of school the entire second semester of their senior year.  Yet it’s less than a year later and they’re back.  Without warning they pop up at my classroom, ready to “chat” about what’s going on in their “grown-up” lives.  The worse offender — Deborah W.  She drops in every few weeks and expects me to ignore my classes so that I can listen to her ramble on and on about what she’d been doing.  The nerve of kids these days!

Just kidding…Deb stopped by my room today and made me promise that I’d blog about her tonight.  I couldn’t help but poke a little fun at her. 

In reality, I enjoy having former students come by to visit.  There are days when I feel as if I am wasting my time in the classroom.  I feel like the kids don’t listen to a word I say, don’t care at all about English class or school in general, and wouldn’t notice if I dropped dead in the middle of Romeo and Juliet.  I question if I made the right career choice or if I’m just killing time until I figure out what else I can do with an English degree.  Then I get a surprise visit from Deb or one of my other students.  The simple fact that they come back to see me means that I made some sort of impression while they were in my class.  I touched their life in some small way, even if I don’t know how.  The fact that a former student stops in to ask for advice, or asks me to read a paper for a college course, or wants to share a piece of good news can completely turn my day around.  I know it is my job to teach students and somehow make a difference in their lives but I sometimes need to be reminded that there are many intangible ways a teacher reaches her students and just because I don’t see it or hear about right away, doesn’t mean I’m not getting through to some of my kids.  I guess today the teacher was the student…..thanks Deb!



1. escapingreality720 - March 31, 2007

I just posted the response to my blog. Bet you didn’t know I had one of these now did ya! I’m keepin’ an eye on you! Okay that sounded a bit creppy but you get the picture.

And you are very welcome LG!

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