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The Power of Dirty Socks May 5, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Hockey.

As any self-respecting hockey fan knows, the power of superstition is very important during Stanley Cup playoffs. Many fans and players grow “playoff beards” which cannot be shaved until the team is out of the playoffs. AverageJoe refuses to allow any of his 6 Red Wings jerseys to be washed until Detroit either wins the Cup or is out of the running. As I am not able to grow a beard (thankfully) and I insist on at least spraying my jersey with Febreeze after I wear it, I needed to find some other superstitious means by which to support “the boys.”

During game 2 of the series with San Jose, I noticed all the fans at Joe Lewis Arena were waving rally towels and I looked frantically for something to wave here at home. The first thing that came into sight was a pair of AverageJoe’s dirty white socks. I grabbed them, swung them in a circle above my head, and cheered my team to a victory!

Unfortunately I didn’t recognize the true power of the socks; they sat in the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper during game 3 and Detroit lost 😦 Joe decided to test their power during game 4 (which I didn’t watch) and the socks were again successful in bringing another Detroit victory. Based on this knowledge, I was determined to test the true power of the socks during game 5 today.

AMAZING! Every time I picked up the socks during today’s game, the Red Wings scored a goal…final score 4-1. Never underestimate the power of dirty socks 🙂



1. Meredith - May 6, 2007

All I can say is….


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