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Staying Put July 23, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Family Affairs.

I just received the greatest news — Sarah and I can stay in the house!!  I had high hopes this might happen and the prayers and crossed fingers apparantly paid off 🙂

When I spoke to my landlord Friday, she was upset that Average Joe and I had decided to leave the house.  She didn’t want to go through the hassle of putting the house back on the market and dealing with a real estate agent, etc..  She asked if one of us was willing to stay in the house and I told her that the price was just too steep for a one-income household.  She asked what I would be willing/able to pay and I gave her the price of the apartment I was planning to move into.  She asked me to find out if I could break the lease with the apartment management company.  I called the apartment manager Saturday morning and was told I wasn’t officially under a lease agreement yet so there was no contract to break.  I left a message with this great news on my landlord’s answering machine Saturday afternoon and have been eagerly awaiting a phone call with her decision. 

Staying in the house is going to be so much better for both me and Sarah.  She will be able to play with her friends every day (not just on the weekends) and she can ride her bike all the time, which is the most important thing to her.  I won’t have to drop her off and pick her up at my aunt’s house every morning and afternoon so I will save time in the mornings and gas in the long run.  And best of all, I don’t have to pack up all my crap and then pay a crap load of money for 2 guys to move it.  Woo hoo!!



1. MerrieB - July 23, 2007

That is seriously the most awesome news! I know Sarah was bummed about you moving. Yay!

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