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What a Week! August 3, 2007

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Is it over yet??  Good grief this week has been crazy.

Monday — Heavy duty housework, including scrubbing the baseboards and cabinet doors.

Tuesday — A day trip to Sugarland to see my good friend Aja and her adorable son Hunter.  I haven’t seen her since she got married and moved to San Antonio so it was great to have several hours of “girl talk.”  The only downside was the fact that spending the day with her son made me ache to have a little one in the house.  Too bad there’s no chance of that happening any time in the forseeable future 😦

Wednesday — A quick stop at school to drop off a carload of boxes then on to meet MerrieB and H at H’s new apartment.  We hauled boxes, bags, clothes, and small furniture out of the cars and up a flight of stairs.  I brought Sarah along to help out; poor darling worked her little tail off.  Lunch at Freebirds and then a quick trip to the mall for a visit to Sephora and Great American Cookie Company finished off the day.

Thursday — A day trip to Conroe with my mom.  She had to take care of some administrative requirements for her nursing license, and I tagged along to keep her company.  We spent a few hours at the Conroe Outlet Center; I bought a new set of KitchenAide pots and pans, a couple of new shirts, and a new pair of Lane Bryant Right Fit jeans (which I wore today and absolutely love!).  I enjoyed spending time with my mom – it reminded me of junior high and our Sunday morning grocery store trips 🙂

Friday — Finally a day to sleep late!!  I did a bit of office work for my aunt in the morning and then after lunch Sarah and I hit the mall to do a little back-to-school shopping.  JC Penney was having a fabulous sale on girls’ clothing – buy 1 get 1 for $1.00.  By the time we headed to the check-out counter she had almost $400 worth of clothes!!  Thank goodness for that sale; I spent about half of that.

Tomorrow my only plan is to play Warcraft and have dinner with MerrieB and her husband.  It’s time to rest before the back-to-school chaos of next week begins.



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