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The Last Day? August 10, 2007

Posted by reddlissa in Uncategorized.

Today is perhaps my last weekday to lounge around and be a slug.  Although school doesn’t start until August 27, it’s time for me to get to work.  Because I am at a new campus this school year, I have a new classroom to decorate and set-up.  I ordered a few posters yesterday (Red Wings and WoW) and hopefully they will be in before the 27th.  I have tons of educational materials and posters to hang in my room and I also have to arrange the student desks as well my own.  My new classroom is much smaller than the ones I have had in the past so I’ll have to be a bit creative in order to make everything fit.  Sarah loves to help me work in my room — she likes being put in charge of the posters.  I anticipate spending at least 2 days getting everything in the room ready for the first day of school.  Once I get my classroom ready, I have to buckle down and start making my lesson plans for the first few weeks.  Thanks to the lure of Warcraft, I haven’t accomplished much here at home so I plan to drag the laptop to school next week and get as much work done as possible in 3 days. 

Crap, it’s 1:35…I hope that’s enough time to level my Hunter by midnight 🙂



1. min - August 12, 2007

New campus, new classroom…sounds exciting! I’m sure you’ll get enough of it done before classes start. Don’t do the lesson plans…you probably won’t stick to them anyway.

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