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Is This My Destiny? August 13, 2007

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Today was my first real day on the campus of my new school.  My plan was to get my classroom in order – arrange desks, unpack boxes, put up posters, etc.  When I left my house I was in a great mood, looking forward to the new school year 100%.  Four hours later I left campus in a much different mood.

I worked for an hour trying to figure out to make 15 student desks, a teacher’s desk, a book case, and a file cabinet fit into a space that is smaller than my bedroom.  As a spatially-challenged person, I have trouble visualizing how items would best fit into a given space.  I have accepted this weakness in myself and often ask those around me for help putting furniture in my home.  Today I turned to a couple of colleagues for advice and they assured me that I could lose 3 of the student desks; last year the classes were 12 students or under.  With this new knowledge, I dragged several desks (including the teacher’s desk) into the hallway and went back to work.  After 45 wasted minutes I decided to talk to the counselor in the hopes of getting a more precise count of students I could expect in each period.  If only I had stayed in my classroom….

In the course of my conversation with the counselor I was informed that I would be teaching all English III (American literature) classes.  Did I mention the reason I left my old school was because I was forced to teach English III for 6 straight years?

I fumed silently for a few minutes and then took a deep breath.  Obviously teaching American literature is my destiny.  I tried to escape it and it followed my like a lost puppy.  I came to the realization that I need to change my attitude and simply embrace all that is great about American authors and their works.  

I’m not happy about today’s turn of events.  I still have no idea how I am going to fit all those kids in my room.  (Honestly I’m not sure if it is physically possible.)  I can’t get myself excited about teaching English III for another year.  BUT….I’m going to make the best of things.  I’m going to search for new stories to read, new poems to study, and new projects to work on.  I’m hoping to focus a bit more on modern works and get away from the stodgy, “dead-white-guy” classics.  If I think positive then things will work out for the best, right?

God I hope tomorrow goes better than today 😕



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