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Day 2 August 14, 2007

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Oh what a difference a day makes!!  Yesterday I struggling to maintain a sense of calm after my first day on my new campus.  I was a bit (okay much more than a bit) worried about the relatively small size of my classroom and my ability to squeeze 15 desks, chairs, and students into my room without us all feeling and perhaps even looking like a huge can of sardines.  I was, at the same time, bemoaning the fact that I will be teaching American literature for the seventh year of my career.  I tossed and turned most of the night, unable to turn off my brain and dreading another day at school and the potential addition of bad news.

With much hesitation I walked into the school this morning only to be greeted with a piece of wonderful news.  The school director stopped me as I walked to my classroom; she wanted to tell me to expect 8 or 9 students per class.  She warned I might have as many as 12 studnets in my reading class and she suggested that I set up my room with 11 student desks.  I was so relieved that I almost broke into my happy dance right there in the hall 🙂


1. Jenny - August 15, 2007


But couldn’t she have told you that yesterday before you did all that worrying? 🙂

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