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Snuggle Time January 17, 2008

Posted by reddlissa in Family Affairs.

I enjoyed some wonderful cuddle time with Skinny Kitty (my cat’s nickname) tonight.  He is typically a cat that withholds his affections – he only comes to visit if he wants food or his head scratched.  When BJ lived with us, the two formed an instant bond which made me a little jealous.  Any time BJ sat on the couch, the cat was curled up next to him in a heartbeat.  Many nights I could be overheard muttering, “He’s my damn cat. I don’t know why he likes you more!”  Now that BJ is gone BC (the cat’s real name…long story) has made himself even more scarce and some nights I go to bed trying to remember if I even saw him the entire day.

Tonight I was stretched out on the couch, watching the Red Wings game.  Skinny Kitty wondered into the living room and stopped by for his usual 10 minute head-scratching  session.  When my hand got tired I tucked it under the blanket and expected BC to jump off the couch and leave (after all my usefulness was spent).  I was shocked when he curled up next to my tummy and fell asleep.  I snuggled around him and managed to watch the entire second period of the game (20 minutes) before he finally decided he was at his  snuggle time limit…

Thank goodness for the little things 🙂


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