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A Nice Bike Ride March 2, 2008

Posted by reddlissa in Family Affairs, Weight Loss/Fitness.

My brother came to town for a weekend visit and convinced Sarah and me to go on a bike ride with him.  (He rides an average of 15 miles a day and is somewhat training for the 2009 MS 150 .)  There is a nice set of bike trails near my neighborhood, so we loaded the bikes in his Cajun Cadillac (a Mazda  MPV) and made the 5 minute drive to the start of the trails.  We biked approximately 6 miles in about 45 minutes.  The trails are really nice; they are well maintained, very shady, and wide enough for two-way bike traffic. 

I was really concerned that my legs would be screaming in pain after the first 2 miles, but I actually never really had any terrible muscle burn.  We kept a steady pace, not too fast or too slow so I think that helped.  Sarah was winded and started lagging behind in the last mile but I was able to make the entire ride without feeling like I was totally out of shape.

I think Sarah and I may make these bike rides part of our weekly routine.  My brother informed me that I can find a reliable bike rack to attach to the car for a reasonable price.  Adding a little exercise to out lives would definitely be a good thing. 



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