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Why I Love My Job April 8, 2008

Posted by reddlissa in Rants/ Raves, Teacher Stuff.

My boss bought me a Dr. Pepper…a real Dr.Pepper, not one of the diet ones I’ve been drinking for the past month.  I love her! 

As I walked into the building Friday morning Peggy saw me yawning and made a comment about being so tired at the end of a long week.  I mumbled in agreement and went to my classroom to prepare for the day.  Twenty minutes later at our morning meeting (think of homeroom with all the students meeting in the cafeteria and using small-group time to build relationships)  Peggy asked me if I’d like a Dr. Pepper.  She and I are the only ones on campus who have such a strong love/hate relationship with the yummy beverage and we often commiserate over the difficulties of surviving a day without one; I suspect she saw the longing in my eyes and felt sympathy for a fellow addict.  When she asked if I wanted one, I hesitated for a brief moment, remembering my resolve to lose weight, and then caved when I thought of savoring the goodness of a real Dr. Pepper.  She promised to drop it off in my classroom after she walked across the street to purchase it….that’s right, she actually had to walk to the store to make good on her offer.

I ask you, is there a better boss out there?  No other high school principal I know (or at the least have worked for) would take care of her teachers in this way.  I’m never leaving this school 🙂




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