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An Unwelcome Guest April 16, 2008

Posted by reddlissa in Uncategorized.

The bandit is back…damn him!!

Over the weekend I heard strange noises from the attic and wondered if the critters had found a way back into the house…they have. 

As I was watching the Red Wings game I heard wierd metallic noises coming from the laundry room.  I ran to investigate and got there just in time to see him.  A raccoon was climbing down from the attic via the water heater piping.  I sprung into action — grabbed both cats (useless animals were just sitting there looking at the ‘coon), slammed the laundry room door, and yelled for backup (my daugher).  We pounded on the door then grabbed a flashlight and headed out the front door.  The laundry room has 2 doors, one to the outside and, opposite it, one to the house.  The back door has a window so we were able to shine the flashlight into the room and search for the little bugger…he was gone.  I raced back to the front door, ran to the laundry room and, while the coast was clear, grabbed the litter box then sealed the room shut.

I foolishly assumed the excitement was over…WRONG!  About an hour later I noticed my cats acting strangely so I followed them to the kitchen.  That’s when I heard him…he was apparantly back in the laundry room and this time he sounded pissed.  I could hear him bouncing off the door, the washer, and scratching the walls.  I made sure the door was firmly latched then pounded on it in the hopes of getting him to retreat back to the attic.  Finally I heard him scampering overheard and knew he was out of the house.

Needless to say I won’t get much sleep tonight.  I’m thinking of bringing my daughter and the cats into my bedroom and locking us all in for the night…yes, I tend to over-react! 


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