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My Top Reasons for Sticking to the Plan August 11, 2008

Posted by reddlissa in Weight Loss/Fitness.

I have been half-heartedly following a diet and exercise plan during the summer months.  Some days I stick to it well and other days, not so much.  My 5 pound-weight drop Saturday (read hangover-induced vomiting) was the kick in the pants that I have been waiting for.  There is no way I am gaining back that weight!!  As a way to further encourage myself I created a list of top reasons I am DETERMINED to stick to this plan.

1.  Dating…through a couple of websites I have managed to meet a few nice guys and have been on a couple of dates.  I plan to go on more dates.   Some of those dates may lead to…um, yeah I need to be a little skinnier.

2.  Clothes…I can’t afford to buy new school clothes.  If I didn’t have a closet stuffed full of dresses and skirts in smaller sizes that may be a problem.  As it is I have enough outfuts to wear as I work my way down to a size 12.   Why spend the money if I don’t have to?

3.  London…The family trip to London is a little over 2 months from now.  Not only would I like to fit in the plane seat a bit more comfortably but I also need to be in shape for all the walking that is going to be a part of our vacation.

4.  My daughter…S starts middle school this year.  I am not so out-of-touch that I am unaware of the importance middle-school girls place on appearance.  If I am taking better care of myself and my appearance then I am a good role model for S and hopefully my habits will rub off on her.

5. Heredity…There is no nice way to say this — the women on my mom’s side of the family are all overweight.  If we line up side by side, it is so obvious where our problem spots are.   When I look at some of my female relatives, I see my future if I don’t get my weight under control now.  Lose 60 pounds now or 150 pounds in ten years…no brainer!     

6. Depression…My weight now is causing me to feel a bit depressed.  I don’t like feeling depressed — it makes me want to eat.  If I can drop some weight I’m hoping to banish the blues.


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