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All Things Fall October 6, 2008

Posted by reddlissa in Uncategorized.

I had the urge to write today but couldn’t think of anything I was really itching to say.  I took the easy way out — did a Google search for “daily meme” and found the following:

Fall Time
1. Have you ever fallen for someone who turned out to be nothing like they seemed?   Isn’t this the story of my adult dating life?!?!  *pause for a trip down memory lane*  Yeah, pretty much every guy I have dated since college graduation has turned out to be vastly different from my first impression.  Do you think the problem is me?
2. When was the last time you had an embarrassing fall? And did you injure yourself?  I can’t remember any specific incident but I’d bet grocery money for the week that my last “trip” was at school in front of my students.  I probably wasn’t hurt but I’m sure they laughed and I in turn was embarrassed and ticked off.
3. Do you enjoy the music of Fall Out Boy?  Ummmm…I’m sure I’ve heard their music but I can’t recall any ot the song titles at this moment.  I am much too lazy to reserach and listen to a song.
4. For you,what is the best part of the fall season?  Fall?  What is that?  Is that what we call the 3 weeks in November when I can open my windows in the evening and enjoy low humidity and a cool breeze?
5. Have you ever had a falling out with someone over something that was completely insignificant?  If so,what was it over?  Do you honestly expect me to remember all the stupid times I have argued with a friend or loved one over something ridiculous?  My feeble brain can’t possibly hold all that data.  I do remember getting pissed at my boss (Office Max) because he had me declare a box of pens defective so he could use have them for personal use.  I threw a stapler at him.  Yes, I have learned to manage my anger since over the past 10 years!



1. Lynda - November 5, 2008

Hahaha, you threw a stapler at your boss?? I’m going to have to remember that tactic for future reference!

Enjoyed reading this!

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