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MASH Revisited March 30, 2009

Posted by reddlissa in Family Affairs.
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S came home today eager to play a “new” game she had learned at school: MASH.  I’m sure you all remember the game that predicted every middle-school girl’s future.  Who will I marry? How many kids will we have? What kind of car will I drive? Where will we live?  Here are MY results:

I am married to Justin Timberlake but we have zero children and *only* live in a house.  I drive a Corvette and work as an astronaut.  My job pays me $0 a year.  I am having an affair with Chris Osgood and will eventually get a divorce.

Did you read that carefully?  I having an AFFAIR???  I’m getting a DIVORCE???  These 2 “Categories” were never part of the MASH game that I played in elementary and middle school.  What a sad commentary on today’s society that young girls see these 2 events are predictable outcomes in life 😦

(By the way, S married Bozo the Clown…LOL!!)



1. So Much More Than A Mom - April 2, 2009

I vaguely remember this game but am quite certain that divorce and extramarital affairs were not part of it, as you said. What’s next? Heroin addiction and stripping? They grow up too fast! I’m sooo happy I have boys. 🙂

2. bandnerdtx - April 5, 2009

Hey, now! You better step off Justin Timberlake! I want to be the only cougar in his life. :-p

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