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Not Your Average Summer Job June 14, 2009

Posted by reddlissa in Rants/ Raves, Teacher Stuff.
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Although I’ve heard rumors that teachers have the summer off, I have yet to experience such pleasure this year.  I spent my first week of summer vacation at Volunteer Houston as part of the Houston A+ Challenge externship program.  My fellow externs and I visited many different non-profit organization throughout the week.  Overall the experience was amazing and I am very excited to bring all that I learned about volunteering back to my students in August. 

The best day was when we spent Tuesday at the Houston Zoo; we were tag-alongs with the Shell Summer Intern Program.  We were allowed behind-the-scenes access to a few of the most popular exhibits (giraffes and elephants) and then set to work painting a huge construction fence.  I was able to talk to many different college students from across the country and I was amazed by their drive to be successful and their commitment to non-profit work.  My fellow externs and I left with a renewed sense of hope for the future of America.





1. Meredith - June 14, 2009

This sounds like an awesome program. Good thing it’s fun too!

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