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Did Someone Say Milkshake?! March 17, 2013

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The following text conversation occurred today:

Me: My desire to have fun and meet new people is overruled by a greater desire to stay on the couch (pantless) and read. This is undoubtedly the major problem with my life and the greatest contribution to my seemingly unending state of being single.

My BFF Susan: LMAO! That’s paragraph 1 of your autobiography!

Me: Or the About section of my Facebook page? Perhaps the opening essay in my OKCupid profile?

Susan: Either!! Your pantsless ass brings all the boys to the yard! Lol!

Me: Ok…I’m adding that sentence into the mix somehow…lol 

The conversation made me laugh but also left me craving a shamrock shake from MickeyD’s.  Too bad that would require getting off the couch and putting on pants!


Farewell to Summer 2009 August 23, 2009

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As tonight is the last night of summer break, I thought perhaps a recap of the summer of 2009 is in order.  Overall I rate this summer a strong 8 😀

  • Houston A+ Challenge externship with Volunteer Houston.  I spent 5 days working with the phenomal staff of Volunteer Houston and visiting several non-profit organizations in the Houston area. I left with great plans and ideas to introduce volunteerism to my students. 
  • Family vacation to London and Paris. Mom, Margie, Sarah, Katie and I had a fabulous time on our 11-day trip.  We made hilarious memories that will  last a lifetime.  Highlights of our trip include Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, Notre Dame, and Versailles.
  • A couple of trips to Galveston to enjoy the sun and surf.   Thanks Lisa and Brad for making the trip and riding the waves with Sarah and me!
  • An Astros game to celebrate Brad’s birthday. Our seats were in right field and we had a great time.  The ‘Stros actually managed to win the game 🙂
  • Lots of time spent hanging out with good friends like Susan, BJ, Lisa and Mikey. Much beer was consumed, much laughter was shared, and perhaps even an ass was grabbed…whoo hoo!
  • A few concerts (CrueFest and Poison/Def Leppard) and a Texans/Saints game.  Despite the horrible Houston heat and the outrageous concession prices, all of these events were fun especially since they were shared with friends and loved ones.

Farewell Summer….I hope the remainder of 2009 brings as much happiness. laughter, love and fun!

Dude, She’ll Pop Like a Can of Pilsbury Biscuits! April 19, 2009

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This was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a looooooong time.  After months of “separation”, BJ and I have reestablished our friendship.  We have been casually communicating since early March, and I was secretly hoping that we would work our way back around to being close friends again.  My patience paid off.  Friday night I had the pleasure of hanging out with LH and MJ; BJ also showed up and we ended up closing down the bar despite the fact that L and M left at midnight.  Saturday evening B and I watched game 2 of Wings/Blue Jackets series (Go Wings!!) then went to his fave neighborhood bar.  We drank beer, made fun of the drunks singing karaoke, caught up with the key events in each other’s lives, and laughed until our sides hurt.  It was just like old times and I can’t put into words how happy I am to have on of my best friends back in my life 😀

[To all of you wondering if I’ve lost my mind:  Rest assured there are no romantic feeling are involved on either side.  We both recognize we are much better off friends than lovers.  I may be a little slow at time but I’m not a complete idiot.  This is never going beyond friendship.]

The Girls Are Together Again March 10, 2009

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This weekend S and I traveled to Lafayette in order to attend my college roommate’s baby shower.  Darla and I were as close as sisters during our time together at Northeast Louisiana University and in the years that followed; I think some people considered us one person because where one went the other was sure to follow :).  In fact, she was in the delivery room when S was born and had the bruises on her hand to show for it!  After I graduated from McNeese State University in 1999, S and I  moved to Lafayette and it was a given that we would share an apartment with Darla.  Despite our many difference, I was happy in Lafayette and happy with our living arrangements. 

Eventually S and I moved to Houston and life presented circumstances that pulled Darla and me apart.  We spoke once or twice a year and exchange cards on birthdays and Christmas but the close relationship faded.   Before last weekend, she hadn’t seen S in at least 5 years. 

This visit was one of the best we’ve had in many years.  After the shower, S and I visited Darla at her home.  We sat in her living and talked for hours.  It was very much a repeat of the past but different –better — becasue S was an active part of the conversation.  She was able to connect with Aunt Darla and form her own opinions about a shadowy figure in her memory.  Darla was amazing in her ability to pull S into the conversation; if that’s any indication of the future I know she will be a wonderful and caring mom.

There was a taste of bittersweetness to the trip.  I saw Darla interacting with her “new” friends and it was clear to me that she has found new  close friends to fill my place.  I don’t know why it stung my heart — I have made close friends here in Houston, too.  I guess I just always referred to her as “my best friend” and now I see that isn’t the case.  I know we will always have a connection, but I suppose a part of me misses the way things used to be.  I have hope that this visit is the first step in reconnecting our separate lives.


The Changing Face of Friendship January 4, 2009

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2008 brought many changes in my life including a complete upheaval in my world of friends.  I lost two of the friendships that meant the most to me and am still struggling to deal with the void of those losses.  H was the first friend I made in Houston, and we saw each other through a roller coaster of experiences.  In March our relationship reached an impasse and we went our separate ways.  While she is no longer a part of my life, I think of her often and miss her terribly.  Just a few months after the fallout with H I lost the best friend I have ever had.  B was not only my boyfriend but in friend terms he was my other half; I can’t think of a way to describe our friendship that would even scratch the surface of how deep a connection we shared.  We ended our romantic relationship in September 2007 but maintained an incredibly close friendship through August of 2008.  Honestly I can’t even think about him without having to fight back tears.  It’s not a boyfriend that I miss; I let go of that part of our relationship long ago.  It’s the deep connection we had as friends that I long for.  Learning to live without that relationship as been one off the toughest challenges of my adult life.   

Life is often a thing of balance and I found the same is true with relationships.  The loss of old friends was countered with the addition of new ones.  SF is co-worker who has become an amazing friend.  We have cried together and laughed together as we both face some tough challenges that have been thrown in our paths.  She has taught me so much with her strength, compassion, and resilience.  I feel blessed to have her in my professional and personal life.  SH started out as a romantic interest but the 1,000 miles between us quickly killed that possibility.  Surprisingly we have grown close as friends, and he is the person I turn to when I need a guy’s perspective.  He is brutally honest, gives great advice, and even helped my respec my hunter on WoW 😆 .  I am lucky to have him as a voice of reason I can count on.  LH came into my life only as “M’s girlfriend” but she and I have built a friendship that is our own.  I am amazed at the depth of her compassion for others.  She has taken me under her wing and introduced me to a great group of people through HoustonConnect.  At a time when I long for new social connections, L has helped me make new friends and I am looking forward to more HC get-togethers and more time spent with her an M.

2008 was a challenging year for friendship but as I reflect I think I definitely came out on top, and I am looking to sharing great times with my new friends in 2009 🙂