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Did Someone Say Milkshake?! March 17, 2013

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The following text conversation occurred today:

Me: My desire to have fun and meet new people is overruled by a greater desire to stay on the couch (pantless) and read. This is undoubtedly the major problem with my life and the greatest contribution to my seemingly unending state of being single.

My BFF Susan: LMAO! That’s paragraph 1 of your autobiography!

Me: Or the About section of my Facebook page? Perhaps the opening essay in my OKCupid profile?

Susan: Either!! Your pantsless ass brings all the boys to the yard! Lol!

Me: Ok…I’m adding that sentence into the mix somehow…lol 

The conversation made me laugh but also left me craving a shamrock shake from MickeyD’s.  Too bad that would require getting off the couch and putting on pants!


Music to Reflect Moods March 5, 2009

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Too much going on both inside and outside my head for me to even attempt to write a coherent post.   Instead I present you with 2 music videos;  I’ll let you read into them what you will.

I fucking love Disturbed.  Sorry about the language but when you talk about that band the word fuckjust seems to trip off your lips so easily…weird.  Anyway, the video is some stupid anime bullshit but it’s the only unedited version on You Tube, and a censored version of this song is akin to a censored version of Eddie Murphy’s Rawor one of Sam Kinison’s stand-up routine… fucking pointless (see, there’s that word again)!

So now that you’re worried about my sanity and questioning if I have an anger problem (which I do but I control very well thank you — I haven’t hit anyone in years!) here’s the video to my newest favorite song.  I am sooooo in love with this Caleb Followill’s voice!