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MASH Revisited March 30, 2009

Posted by reddlissa in Family Affairs.
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S came home today eager to play a “new” game she had learned at school: MASH.  I’m sure you all remember the game that predicted every middle-school girl’s future.  Who will I marry? How many kids will we have? What kind of car will I drive? Where will we live?  Here are MY results:

I am married to Justin Timberlake but we have zero children and *only* live in a house.  I drive a Corvette and work as an astronaut.  My job pays me $0 a year.  I am having an affair with Chris Osgood and will eventually get a divorce.

Did you read that carefully?  I having an AFFAIR???  I’m getting a DIVORCE???  These 2 “Categories” were never part of the MASH game that I played in elementary and middle school.  What a sad commentary on today’s society that young girls see these 2 events are predictable outcomes in life 😦

(By the way, S married Bozo the Clown…LOL!!)