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Total Disappointment February 2, 2009

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I just completed week 3 of my training for the Avon Walk.  This past week I walked a total of 20 miles.  My back and legs are so sore and stiff that I can barely walk.  Everyone says, “Wow!  You must be dropping weight like crazy!”  WRONG!!  I have gained 2 pounds.

I am so frustrated with this whole weight loss thing.  I hate being this overweight and I know what I need to do to fix the problem — I just can’t seem to find the will power to actually control my eating.  I am disappointed in myself….which makes me want to eat more.  Yay 😦

I had the chance to talk with a friend over the weekend; she is a fitness instructor and she has offered her help.  I am starting a new eating plan tomorrow (no time to grocery shop yesterday).  I am going to focus on eating the bulk of my calories for breakfast and lunch instead of in the evening.  This will be a complete break from my normal routine but I am willing to try something totally different — I want to get rid of this extra weight!

I Survived Week One January 18, 2009

Posted by reddlissa in Weight Loss/Fitness.
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I just completed my first week of training for the Avon Walk.  Friday is the only day I skipped which means I exercised 6 days in one week…this is a personal record!!  I anticipated that I my legs would be terribly sore and I would be hobbling around the apartment like a 90-year old woman but that is not the case.  Not counting some soreness and stiffness on Wednesday I haven’t had to deal with any aches and pains.  My knees bother me a little while I am walking, but I suspect that will remedy itself once I lose some of this extra weight I’m carrying.  Overall it was a hugely successful week, and I my confidence level is sky high 🙂